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Before James Cameron s 1997 blockbuster, the HollywoodTitanic of 1953, and the 1958 British film A Night toRemember, there was the Nazi German film Titanic. Begun in1942, this production nearly sank as decisively as the doomedocean liner, after the film s director, Herbert Selpin, wasoverheard making remarks damning the German army.Reported to the Gestapo, Selpin was arrested and later foundhanging in his prison cell, the victim of an arranged suicide. In April, 1943, the film was banned by the Berlin censorsbecause of its terrifying scenes of panic, all too familiar toGerman civilians undergoing nightly Allied bombing raids. Afterextensive cutting, Titanic was released in occupied Paris and afew army installations. It wasn t until late 1949 that it was seenin Germany, though it was banned, a few months later, in theWestern sectors.Technically, this Titanic is an excellent catastrophe film; itsshots of the ship sinking were later used by the 1958 Britishfilm without credit. Somewhat true to the facts though pepperedwith fictional good Germans both on and below deck the film ends with a trial scene that acquits the White StarLine management, followed by a final slide denouncingEngland s eternal quest for profit. These packed a powerfulpropaganda punch; cut from the postwar prints, they havebeen restored for this Kino Classics edition. View more great items

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Titanic [Blu-ray]

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